Paula Dorado Gómez

Once upon a time there was a superhero. he didn´t know why he was a super hero because he didn´t have a magic power.And he was sad. One day, he helped the kangaroo to save his baby from a Lion. Another day, he helped the dragon because he didn´t have any friends so he helped him to have friends.But he was still sad.

He found a fairy in the forest.She was sick!!He helped her ; he gave her food,water and medicines.The fairy and the super hero talked and talked and they became friends.Then, the fairy with her magic saw why the superhero didn´t have magic and said:” I know why you don´t have magic”.You don´t have magic because not all the superheroes have magic.Your power is in your heart, because  you saved the baby kangaroo,the dragon or  you helped me .”-she said.

Then, he understood everything.He was a superhero.His power is to help everyone.

                                       The End