Eneko Escalona Cubillo

Nowadays, there are a lot of children trying to make the world what they want. One of them, really wanted to change the world. But it is very difficult, because in order to that, he was supposed to go far away to reach the main palace of the governor Tilin Taju.

He prepared his backpack with things and the visa card. His mother let him go with this objective He was going on a plane . His mother was at the airport thinking that his son was able to change the world.

Once he was on the plane, he was thinking of what to say to the governor Tilin Taju, and thinking of what to do if the governor didn´t want to accept his proposal, Suddenly, in that moment the plane started to fall down and he thought that he had to jump before it crashed.

All the passengers could survive with few parachutes. That didn´t stop him from his objective, so he took a train and three hours later, he was at the gorvenor´s palace. I do not know why, but he guards left him enter in Tilin Taju´s room. He started talking with him and asking things to do to make the world a better place, a perfect world, his perfect world. Talin Taju thought it was a good idea. While Tilin Taju was thinking about these ideas, the child went home in a private plane that Tilin Taju left him.

Once at home his mother made him a party because the world now ,was the world she wanted and everybody wanted.